10 favourite Instagram moments of 2017

This past year was another mixed year of travel. Between quick work trips, longer vacations, and the countless days at the office it was a fine balance. Looking back at 2017 on Instagram a few memories are particularly memorable, here they are in no particular order:

Sintra is a very special place all together but at the top of it probably one of my favourite pieces of architecture: Monserrate Palace. The history, the variety of influences, the insane attention to details from door knobs to every plant on the property, this place is a mirage.

I had an opportunity to go a couple more quick work trips to LA and having meetings on Monday means Sunday is my day.  A couple of us arrived early and wandered around all the way from Santa Monica Pier to the roof top bar in Venice Beach. The day started off really gloomy and cold but turned for the better by afternoon.

Here at home in Ontario, one of the summer highlights was the in-and-out trip to Prince Edward County where we spent time on Jamie Kennedy’s farm. A precious experience all around.

January was the annual family trip to an all-inclusive, accept this time we rented a car and explored on our own. One of these times I’d like stay in Valladolid for a few days, soak in the culture.

Porto was a pleasant surprise in many ways. In many of those it won me over Lisbon, I know, I know, scandalous. But I stand by it.

But than there was Costa Nova. In the short couple hours I spent there during our quick break I think I may have fallen in love. Retirement plans are starting to come together as a clear picture of costal Portugal.

Early in the year a couple of us went back to Rochester for a weekend which started of with wonderful, uncommonly warm February weather. We spent the first day walking around the city and taking breaks in pubs and cocktail bars, including this very special lunch on the patio.

And speaking of relaxing days, sometimes a few hours is perfectly enough when your meetings are done early, the sun is out, and there is time to kill sipping cold beer and looking out at the view of Marina Del Rey.

This year I also had a chance to go back to FME in Rouyn Noranda which meant a visit to Refuge Pageau to spend time with the rescued animals, like this little fox.


Bonus: Cover photo is also from Portugal,  this was Faro, that coastal part that I refer to as my retirement plan. It would be hard to pick one place to settle, good thing there’s plenty of time 🙂