A quick trip to Prince Edward County in pictures

Prince Edward County is one of my favourite weekend trips and it has changed significantly over the last few years. First time I went to PEC, a few years back, there wasn’t much to do besides wine tastings and occasional food samplings. Today, most wineries have expanded their offerings to casual lounging experiences with fantastic dining options.

Norman Hardie serves up the best pizza in the area, the kind of pizza people drive miles and wait over an hour for. The restaurant covers multiple areas on the ground floor while the second level of the building spills out onto the vineyard with multiple, indoor and outdoor, wine tasting stations. The nearby wineries are also stepping up their game: Sandbanks decorated their yard with colourful Muskoka chairs and multiple tasting stations, Rosehall Run brought out picnic tables and offers up quick meals from a food truck, Casa-Dea Estates added an outdoor bocce ball court, and By Chadsey’s Cairns has always had a fantastic lounge area and entertainment in the barn.

Between the few listed you can easily spend two days and that’s just a handful of vineyards within a 15 minute drive from each other.

The County itself has become a popular destination with hotels and AirBNB’s booking up months in advance. The area is home to one of Canada’s top chefs, Jamie Kennedy, and the new Drake Hotel location. Over this summer season Jamie invites people to his farm for Saturday night dinners which was the primary reason for our visit. With a little bit of hustle we managed to find a wonderful Bed & Breakfast, Thyme Again, which turned out to be just perfect for the stay. An organic farm ran by two lovely ladies Thyme Again is a country paradise and the best home-made breakfast I’ve had in years (well, besides my breakfast off course 👩🏼‍🍳 :).

The two days were not nearly enough and we are already planning a long weekend return.

To see the weekend on Instagram look up #xoPEC17. 

In the gear bag: Lumix GX8  Digital Camera. In full transparency I haven’t even had a chance to open the manual for it before this trip so it was a fun learning expereince. ‘Em selfies though, those are staying in the privet collection 🙂 The photos below are taken with an iPhone, some by friends.