Tranquil stay at Casas de Campo da Barroca

For one of the nights on our way through Douro Valley we stayed in a rather unusual place: Casas de Campo da Barroca, a small new rural hotel in the quite heart of Tabosa village.

The hotel is new and set on the foundation of typical hamlets of the village. These traditional homes have been restored, elevated, and modernized with lovely decor, spacious showers, and all of the 1st world amenities you would expect and want. A handful of buildings are spread out with only a few rooms in each. The kitchen is on the ground floor with an exit into the yard. Here, your host will serve a traditional, family style, Portuguese breakfast in the morning. Since we were the only ones there everything was timed to our choosing.

The closest restaurant is a 15 min drive, the neighbours’ doors and windows are shut (as they are everywhere in non-urban areas), and the streets are empty. What you will hear is the nature’s quiet, sheep’s bells, and the insects living out their life in the healthy agriculture. The yard area in the back of the hotel looks out at a sparse tree plantation, which makes for a lovely view, but if you sit back on a sunbed after dark you get a magnificent view on the sky. Here, you can actually see the milky way. We spent hours sitting wrapped up into sweaters, looking at constellations, and drinking local wine.

Overall, Casas de Campo da Barroca is a home of tranquility located in comfortable rural environment, a unique expereince on many levels and one I enjoyed having.

Note: they will ask what time you arrive and it is best you estimate your arrival carefully because the host will drive up from a nearby town to let you in. Arrive early and you are left alone to wander the small quite village, a nice way to spend some time during the day, not so much after sunset.

Address: Casas de Campo da Barroca (The Country Houses of Barroca), R. Cruz de Pedra, 3640-030, Portugal.

Please don’t mind the grainy phone photos, it was a rather cold day which I was not prepared for. To see the trip on Instagram type in #xoPortugal17.