Favorite Instagram moments of 2016

Last year was an incredible year of travel for me. Though there were only few major, distant country trips there were a quite a few long weekends and short business trips. Like most people, I tend to collect memories on Instagram. Looking back through them it was hard to pick top 10 but here they are, from January to December:

My sister as an avid diver so when we go on family trips in the winter she goes diving and I follow, who doesn’t like being on a boat, floating in the middle of the ocean soaking in the tropical sun. This photo is from one of those trips.

That water though 😍 | #xobavaro #puntacana #vsco #vscocam #ocean

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This was my first time in Upstate New York. Our lovely host took the two of us to Apple Country Spirits where they grow their own apples in this beautiful orchard.


Every time I visit Vancouver my sister and I take a weekend trip to a place we haven’t been. Last spring that trip took us to discovering Lillooet Lake, one of the most mysterious and beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

Lillooet Lake 🙆🏼 | #xovan #vscocam #lake #pemberton #Lillooet #enjoycanada #vscanada

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While the planning the trip to Europe it seemed like making it to Suomenlinna island in Helsinki wasn’t going to be possible due to a long drive but it turned out the city ferry goes directly there. Not only did we get to visit this incredible island but had a chance to see Helsinki from the water.


The Eiffel Tower, off course. Everything about this trip to Paris was full of pleasant surprises including a roughly planned picnic by the Eiffel tower.

#TBT to spring in Paris 💚 | #xoparis16 #paris #eiffeltower #throwback #instagood

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In august I’ve had the pleasure of going back to Jamaica. It was quite last minute and during a very busy time but seeing this wonderful country through the airplane window made me forget about all of the hustle.


The reason I went to Jamaica this time was Reggae Sumfest, the biggest reggae music festival in the world. The days were relaxed and the nights were long, so long in fact that the headliner went on the next morning. This is Tarrus Riley taking the stage at around 8am to an audience that filled a massive park in Montego Bay and was still up and dancing.


Between meetings and our departure flight we only had a few hours which my coworker and I took full advantage of for exploring Washington. It was a great adventure on what felt like the hottest day of the summer. Every time I look at this photo I see something new.


Long weekend in LA. Some people go to LA to see the Hollywood sign, go to clubs and max out their credit cards. I went to bum around on the beach and it was fantastic.

🌊 | #xoLA16 #venicebeach #beach #waves #instagood #explorela

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Sun setting over Six Mile Creek Vineyard in Upstate New York. It was a rather cold and wet day, the surroundings looked very dark and gloomy, this sunset brought everything back to life.

Sunset over Six Mile Creek | #fall #vines #xofingerlakes #upstateny #exploreusa #vineyard

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Quick last minute trip to Niagara on the Lake for a wine tasting. Another wet and windy day lightened up by some sweet wine and ripened grapes.


Bonus cover image: Brunch at Peck 47 in Brussels. With hungry our the 3 of us ordered enough food for 5 people which turned out to be a good idea considering how much walking and exploring we did after.