Over the last year, I’ve been hearing a lot about Scarborough Bluffs, likely because with the pandemic we all have been reaching for the edges of the city we thought were too far before. Yet I never made it there, not until about a week ago, in January ☃️.

Luckily, it was a surprisingly lovely day: no wind, sun out, light reflecting off the thin ice on the water. The weather prior to this day had been wet, cold, windy and our previous attempts at enjoying a winter beach view had been blown away with a chill, but this day, today was in fact a nice day, for a beach day.

The Bluffs consist of 11 parks spread over 15km of shoreline. Not all of them have parking lots, not all of them are currently open, so we ended up at Bluffer’s Park. This specific park offers a spectacular view of the Bluffs, lovely walks by the water, many lookout points, and a few picnic tables (here’s a little video 😄). 

Frolicking through the fields, brushing my hand against the dry tall grass, feeling like a child in the playground I began to fixate on the concept of a “bluff”. According to National Geographic, a bluff is a rounded cliff located by a body of water. The water “currents on the outside of the curve erode or wear away” causing the upper part of the bank to crash, creating an even-ish wall on the side of the shore.

Looking up the cliff at the Bluffer’s Park it was obvious that the top of it was no longer stable, which explains the loosely set up barriers along the beach discouraging people from approaching the edge. Some people followed the recommendation, others not so much (part of the Bluffs did collapse last year in August so I would stay away as the park official recommend it). 

If you were to pursue the hiking opportunity at the Bluffs it’s a fairly easy 6.8km trail with about 20m elevation; more about the trail here, and here is a nice article about things to do in the park as well as different ways to access it.

A quick note on fresh air

One of the benefits of walking outside is reduced stress. Speaking from experience, walking outside is also a fantastic way to improve one’s attitudes (ask any shrink, err psychologist). According to scientists, fresh air increases energy by a whopping 90%  – more effective than coffee! Huffington Post and researcher Richard Ryan report that “nature is fuel for the soul” and you can enjoy its benefits in as little as 20min – sounds like a perfect amount of time to spend on a coffee walk 😜. 

Have you been to the Bluffs yet? What are your favourite things to do?

In the gear bag: Fujifilm X-T100 with an XF50mmF2 R WR lens

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